How to get started with the WiFi models of the iTach

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Troubleshooting Note: The setup and configuration process may be restarted at any time by resetting your iTach to its Factory Defaults. To do so, insert a metal pin (a large paper clip is ideal) into the opening approximately 1/8 inch (3 mm) until the reset sequence begins. The reset sequence is indicated by all LEDs on the iTach briefly blinking in unison. Warning: Make sure to use a light touch when resetting your iTach to factory defaults; force may damage your iTach hardware irreparably. __________________________________________________________________

iTach Home

Once the connection is established, open your preferred Internet browser and enter the address This is the default IP address for all iTach WiFi units, and thusly links to the web server hosted on your iTach.  

Note: Communications with adhoc units is done on the “##.##.1.##” IP subnet. If you are unable to communicate with your iTach, make sure that the PC you are using has been configured on the same subnet (third IP octet) as the iTach unit’s default IP.

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