How to use Global Caché IR learners with the Global Caché iLearn application

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Once you have the iLearn application up and running, choose “iTach Learner”, “GC-IRL Serial”, or “GC-IRL on GC-100” under the IR Learner dropdown list, and enter the IR learner’s personal IP Address that currently shows on your iHelp application. In the case of the GC-IRL Serial, select the com port address that your GC-IRL, or GC-IRE with GC-RG1, is connected to. Press Connect, and now your IR Learner is activated and ready to receive IR transmissions.iLearn

Once you have connected to your IR Learner, use your IR emitting control device (i.e. T.V. remote) to send a command to the Learner (located in the small hole to the bottom right of the power port).

Note: It helps, if you are having problems getting your iTach integrated IR learner to register commands, to hold the iTach unit in your hand and place the IR emitter of your control device directly in line, or even up against the learner’s access point.

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