Connect Any Device to Any Network Instantly

iTach IP2IR

The Global Caché iTach is a family of products designed to connect almost any electrical device to a network in a matter of minutes. Based on open systems and industry standards, the ultra-compact device fits almost anywhere (even the palm of your hand), and includes a choice of wireless (WiFi) or wired (TCP/IP) connectivity to infrared (IR), serial (RS232), and contact closure (relay) equipment.

The innovative design of the Global Caché iTach allows for easy and flexible integration into any networked control solution. The iTach is a simple wired or wireless conduit between you and your device over a network or the Internet. This is instant network-enabling at its best, delivering the power of choice at a cost-effective price.

For a general description of the iTach family of products, see our family specs page. If you’re looking for information on individual models, visit the spec pages for each device:  WF2IR, IP2IR, IP2IR-P, WF2SL, IP2SL, IP2SL-P, WF2CC, IP2CC, and IP2CC-P.

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