Partner Announcement: Global Caché and CIWare Labs Form Partnership

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CIWare Labs to Offer Control Software Platform Based on Open Systems

Denver, CO, USA – (September 12, 2019) –(CEDIA Expo Booths 1223 and 3457) Global Caché, the leading independent manufacturer of IP, WiFi, and HTTP enabling connectivity products for the control and automation market, announced today they have partnered with CIWare Labs, an open systems software company debuting at CEDIA in Innovation Alley.

Global Caché’s products connect any IR, serial, and contact closure device to a WiFi and/or IP network so it can be controlled, automated, and maintained by network-based software. The company offers other connectivity products and capabilities, including a networked HDMI switch, sensor input, IR learning, HTTP communication, and the award-winning Control Tower IR database, available for free in the cloud (

CIWare Labs, a pure software company, is showing their new product Inprem™ Studio, a control/automation back-end server (Inprem Server) and software toolset designed for professional system integrators, in their Innovation Alley booth (3457) at CEDIA Expo. Inprem Studio is designed to enable creation of custom solutions by custom installers (CIs) who are interested in adding standards-based software/web development to their repertoires, for example, to create control-enabled dashboards and UIs that can run on any browser-equipped device. Inspired by Global Caché’s incorporation of the powerful Raspberry Pi as a programmable control host in its customizable Global Connect products, the Pi was chosen as the initial standard host for Inprem Server which runs on Linux.

Inprem Studio includes a new technology, LAIR™, that works with new Global Caché’s IR receiver technology in development. With LAIR and Global Caché, any IR remote can be configured as a general purpose input device, enabling it to control any device(s) in an IoT system This technology is being demonstrated live at CEDIA Expo in the CIWare Labs booth, which combines LAIR™ with a Global Connect and multiple IR receivers.

“We started our company 17 years ago based on the belief that control and automation would migrate to open systems offering the choice of different components to build a true custom solution based on a customers needs. With a company like CIWare emerging and thriving we are seeing that all come to fruition,” said Global Caché VP Robin Ford. “With the ability to build your own software control and user interface using a platform like Inprem and with acess to any networked device, we are finally here. Of course we’re excited to partner with CIWare Labs and welcome them to our exciting and dynamic market.”

Stephen Rogers, CIWare CEO and founder said, “We’ve been developing our Inprem product for a while and are excited to be unveiling some of the early fruits of our work at CEDIA. We are fortunate that we hit it off with Global Caché in so many ways when we first met face to face at CEDIA Expo last year. Combining Inprem software and Global Caché hardware is a compelling solution, and we look forward to offering it to software companies and custom installers for their additional value add.”

Rogers concludes, “Many years ago at a CES show I bought a Global Caché GC-100, and I still use it. With regard to control and automation, Global Caché had the vision, the needed products, and the patience. They paved the way for folks like us. I look forward innovating together with them on behalf of CIs and the hannel, for years to come.”

About Global Caché, Inc.
Global Caché, a pioneer in the IoT (Internet of Things) space, designs, engineers, and manufactures connectivity products that IP, and WiFi enable previously unconnected devices in homes and businesses so they can be accessed, controlled, and automated using network-based software on smartphones, tablets, controllers, and computing devices. In addition to our Global Connect, iTach, Flex, and GC-100 Network Adapter product families, Global Caché, winner of many industry awards, including the CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Honoree award and two prestigious CEPro Product of the Year awards, provides the industry’s first online IR database, Control Tower, winner of CEA’s Mark of Excellence award, as well as IR learners, IR blasters, sensors, receivers, and conversion cables. Global Caché sells through distributors, VARs, and OEMs, as well as their newly announced Dealer Direct program. For more information on our products and services or to place an order, visit online at or call us at 541-899-4800. Visit our free IR database in the cloud, Control Tower, at

About CIWare Labs, Inc
Founded in 2019, CIWare Labs is dedicated to the mission of helping the custom integration channel adapt and thrive in the IoT (Internet of Things) era. As a software-only company, we develop a server and design tools specifically for custom control, automation and monitoring applications. We believe that open systems software will play a fundamental role in shaping the future of the IoT.For more information, visit us at

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