Major Flex Firmware Updated

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Release Builds Upon iTach Flex Expanding Support for PoE and Contact Closure with Sensor Input

Global Caché announced today the availability of their latest iTach Flex firmware, version -14.

The firmware adds functionality to the Flex with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability (in Flex IP with Poe devices), and support for the new Global Caché Flex Link Relay & Sensor Cable which supports 4 configurable contact closure outputs and 4 configurable voltage and contact closure sensor inputs. The firmware upgrade includes enhancements to the Flex update capabilities, updates to the HTTP API and other features, as well as various bugs fixes.
Version -14 firmware is available immediately by downloading the new iHelp utility (which includes the firmware update).

Following are helpful links, including release notes and APIs. For a complete listing of all files, please see our website at

Please note that PoE support is available in the Flex IP with PoE (part number FLEX-IP-P). You must have a Flex IP with PoE hardware device in order to utilize the PoE upgrade.

If you have any questions or require support, please email


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