Need a piece of software that is no longer on our downloads page? Or are you looking for third party apps not made by us?

Here is where you will find all currently unsupported Global Caché software. As these programs are no longer supported by Global Caché or aren’t created by our company, we do not offer support for them.

Unsupported Third Party Software:

Unsupported Global Caché Software:

  • GC-CCF Utility – This zipped folder contains .msi installation files for the GC-CCF conversion utility which requires .Net 1.1 for proper function.
  • GC-IRL Utility – This zipped folder contains .msi installation files for the GC-IRL IR learner utility.
  • GC-Discovery – This zipped folder contains application information and the executable GC-Discovery utility.
  • Simple IR Client Utility – This zipped folder contains the executable and readme for the Simple IR Client Utility.
  • GCScan – This executable program allows for IP and port specification for sending text over TCP/IP connections.
  • GC Test Utility – This .msi installation file contains the GC-100 test utility.
  • PyTach – Python library for communication between the iTach and RF devices.
  • MyDevice RTI Driver – This driver allows you to extend the functionality of your RTI system using the Global Cache IP based hardware. The driver implements the full range of functionality and has been tested on both the GC-100 and iTach range of products. Not free.

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