How to get started with the WiFi models of the iTach

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To better understand and use your iTach unit, go to From there, you can find all related unit specifications, related software links, and unique unit specifications pages. Documentation and software for all our products can be found on the page.

Troubleshooting Note: The setup and configuration process may be restarted at any time by resetting your iTach to its Factory Defaults. To do so, insert a metal pin (a large paper clip is ideal) into the opening approximately 1/8 inch (3 mm) until the reset sequence begins. The reset sequence is indicated by all LEDs on the iTach briefly blinking in unison. Warning: Make sure to use a light touch when resetting your iTach to factory defaults; force may damage your iTach hardware irreparably.

Connect to a Network

Getting Started: Initially, your iTach WiFi is an unsecured adhoc device that is discoverable by any WiFi network enabled Windows PC. After applying power, view available wireless networks, then select and connect to the iTach unit listed in your Available Networks list.

Your iTach is named with its unique MAC ID, which is printed on the bottom label. For example, if the MAC ID is 000C1E01B45C, the wireless network name will be iTach000C1E01B45C.

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