Firmware and Web Page Updates: iTach

Important! Download the current iHelp with integrated upgrade utility.

Firmware Release Details: This release increments iTach firmware revision levels (final 2 digits) to 05. All changes are detailed in the Release Notes. All pertinent information is also included and highlighted in the updated iTach API.

Instructions: To upgrade your iTach (GC-100 firmware cannot be updated in the field) download and run the new iHelp file above. Once your iTach unit has been found by iHelp, you will be notified whether your unit is out of date and you will be prompted to begin a firmware upgrade. The firmware files necessary to upgrade your unit are also located below. The firmware file is the ".txt" file in the zip files below and the web page is the ".bin" file. Once you have upgraded your iTach, refresh the view and wait until the iTach reappears in the iHelp table. Once successful, your iTach details will show a change in the firmware name to the new 710-xxxx-05 firmware revision, and the web page will also display with the new firmware revision on the network configuration page.

Any Questions? Don't hesitate to call us or email We will make sure that your upgrade process is as painless as possible!

Important Note: WF2IR units at or below 700-1001-04 cannot be upgraded to the new firmware.

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WF2IR Firmware and Web Pages

iTach WF2IR


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iTach IP2IR

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iTach WF2SL

IP2SL Firmware and Web Pages

iTach IP2SL

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iTach WF2CC

IP2CC Firmware and Web Pages

iTach IP2CC