Introducing the iTach Flex!

Connect Any Device to Any Network Instantly.

Global Caché’s iTach Flex is an industry first, a smart end-point that WiFi or network enables electrical devices instantly. Attaching a Flex Link Cable to an IP or WiFi Flex adds intelligence to the enabled device, allowing control and automation with your preferred control software or via simple web-based commands.

Global Caché’s iTach products integrate easily with iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android apps. The iTach’s Ethernet w/PoE connectivity, support of 8 simultaneous connections, small form factor, and many other features are the reason why so many iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android developers have chosen to integrate with our hardware.  [hr]

Flex Key Featuresix-itachflex.fw

  • Connects almost any electrical device to a WiFi or wired Ethernet network instantly
  • Access, monitor, automate, and control standalone equipment
  • Web-based control protocol using HTTP
  • 4 Megs flash memory - store web pages and files accessible via URL
  • Tiny footprint
  • 4 conductor Flex Link Port allows for versatility using Flex Link cables
  • Built in IR learning and access commands to cloud-based IR database
  • Mounting dock for simple installation
  • Made in the USA and RoHS compliant

Available Flex Link Cables:

  • Flex Link Serial Cable
  • Flex Link 3 Emitter Cable
  • Flex Link 2E1B Cable
  • Flex Link Tri-port Cable
  • Flex Link Emitter Cable
  • Flex Link Blaster Cable
  • Flex Link Relay & Sensor Cable