Global Caché Partners Control Apps

This is a partial list of partners with apps and/or software that integrate with our products. This list is updated regularly. If you’re interested in being listed on this page, please submit your app.

Partner iOS Android PC Mac AppleWatch Browser Control Interface Control System Required Tutorial
a/v DashBoard x No
Aveo Systems
AVGui x No
Cinemar x No
Clare Controls x x Yes
Comfortclick x x x Yes
Control4 x x x x x Yes
Demopad x x No
DTVGameControl x No
Enado x Yes
HC-Skipper x x x No
HomeRunner RBI x Yes
Indigo Domotics x x No
IRControl x Yes Video
Insite x x No
iRidium x x x x No
iSimplex x Yes
MBH Remote x No
Melloware x x x No
MobiLinc Remote x x No
MyURemote x x x No
Ray Super Remote x Yes
Simple Control x No
tin:b Software x x No
TouchControl x x No
Touch Squid x x x No
Worried Cat Mote x No
Wyrestorm x Yes

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