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Need help with a product? Here’s where to look for Quick Starts, Data Sheets, Product Software, and Development Stuff – including APIs, testing utilities, etc. For more support information, such as FAQs and Tech Tips, see our Support Portal. For a complete list of products (with part numbers), please download our Product List. Also note that all our data sheets are currently being updated. 


utilities and release notes for setup, configuration, testing, learning

iHelp version 5.5.6 – released 06/04/2024 - NEW!
iHelp Release Notes

The iHelp utility is necessary to update the firmware on Flex devices. It is also used to locate and configure Global Connect, Flex, iTach devices, and GC-100s installed on the network, and also facilitates the upgrade functionality for the Global Connect and Flex family of products. Download iHelp and run the .exe. This file is an executable and does not require installation. Run iHelp on a Windows PC connected to the same network as your GC devices. iHelp listens for Global Connect, Flex, iTach, and GC-100 multicast beacons and displays every MAC ID and IP address within one minute. For instructions on updating the Flex firmware using iHelp, please see our simple tutorial. iHelp will automatically notify you if your unit is out of date to begin a firmware upgrade. For details on version based changes, view the iHelp Release Notes.

iLearn version 2.9
iLearn Release Notes

This .exe file is the companion application for our IR products, including all iTach and iTach Flex models, the GC-IRL, and the GC-IRE (with attached GC-RG1). This utility allows for the capture of IR commands, conversion between Global Caché and Hex (CCF) formats. Read the iLearn Release Notes for version based changes. We also have provided a brief tutorial on using the features of iLearn and some common troubleshooting tip.

iConvert version 3.4
iConvert Release Notes

This zip file contains a stand-alone utility for conversion between Global Caché format IR codes and Hex (CCF) codes. Read the iConvert Release Notes for more information.

iTest version 1.3
iTest Release Notes

This zip file contains the successor to GCScan and is capable of sending literal strings, individual hex bytes, or a mixture of both. iTest contains two receive windows, one printing ASCII, and the other printing the hex values of each character received in a sixteen byte hex dump format. iTest will connect to any Global Caché network device including all those using TCP/IP ports 4998, 4999 and 5000. For a breakdown of its functionality and changes from the previous version, view the iTest Release Notes.

These programs are no longer supported by Global Caché and we do not offer support for them.

GC-CCF Utility – This zipped folder contains .msi installation files for the GC-CCF conversion utility which requires .Net 1.1 for proper function.
GC-IRL Utility – This zipped folder contains .msi installation files for the GC-IRL IR learner utility.
GC-Discovery – This zipped folder contains application information and the executable GC-Discovery utility.
Simple IR Client Utility – This zipped folder contains the executable and readme for the Simple IR Client Utility.
GCScan – This executable program allows for IP and port specification for sending text over TCP/IP connections.
GC Test Utility – This .msi installation file contains the GC-100 test utility.

These programs aren't developed by Global Caché and we do not offer support for them. We cannot attest to how up to date they are or functionality.

For MacOS versions of iHelp, iLearn, iTest, and iConvert, please see Martijn Rijnbeek’s website.
For Android versions of iHelp, iLearn, iTest, and iConvert, please see HCS or Google Play.

PyTach – Python library for communication between the iTach and RF devices.
MyDevice RTI Driver – This driver allows you to extend the functionality of your RTI system using the Global Cache IP based hardware. The driver implements the full range of functionality and has been tested on both the GC-100 and iTach range of products. Not free.


integrate and develop with Global Caché products

Global Caché Unified TCP API – Updated June 4, 2024.
Commands to control and configure all Global Caché products, including Global Connect modules, through TCP. This API consolidates all information found in earlier API specs. If you have question or require information not found in this document, please contact Support at

Global Connect RESTful HTTP API – Allows for control of Global Connect through HTTP commands

Flex RESTful HTTP API - Works with Flex and Flex Link cables only

This PDF provides information on the GC-IRL IR Learner device

This PDF provides information on the GC-IRE IR Extender device

Quick Start/User Guides

setup and installation guides for Global Caché products

Data Sheets & Release Notes

technical specifications for Global Caché products

Crestron Driver

To download the Crestron driver for use with Global Caché products, please fill out the form below. An email with download information will be sent to the email address you submit. 

Our partner LCD also provides a Crestron Home driver for use with IR integration and a driver for Global Caché integration within the Creston ecosystem for SIMPL Windows

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